Punctured Organs

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No surgery is risk-free. However, a punctured organ is almost always caused by a surgeon’s negligence.

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As soon as you go under anesthesia, you are at your doctor’s mercy. In fact, even as you leave the hospital, you may not even know you were injured by a careless cut. The symptoms may manifest immediately or over time. Depending on the organ the surgeon damaged, you may be subject to additional medical operations, or you may have an irreversible disability.

Liposuction risks

The decision to have liposuction should never be taken lightly. Only in consultation with your doctors should this surgery be considered instead of dietary, pharmaceutical and other less invasive measures. Among the many risks of the surgery is the possibility of visceral perforation. The surgeon is not able to see the probe and may accidentally puncture internal organs, such as the intestines. Additional surgeries may be required to repair the tear, and in some cases, the perforation may be fatal.

Childbirth injuries

The day a mother delivers her child is one of the happiest of her life. However, for many women, the joy is overshadowed by serious physical injury to her body. Minor vaginal tears — of the first or second degree — are common and can usually be repaired in the delivery room. However, third- and fourth-degree vaginal tears damage the vaginal tissues, perineal muscles, anal sphincter and, in the most serious cases, the rectum. You may experience incontinence, pain and other debilitating symptoms that distract you from the care of your new baby and diminish your quality of life. Excessive vaginal tearing is preventable, making this alarmingly common birth injury all the more devastating.

Transvaginal mesh

Transvaginal meshes are supposed to support pelvic organs from prolapse because of weakened pelvic muscles. For many women, the device instead results in serious infections, vaginal tissue erosion and organ perforation, for example bladder puncture.

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