Month: August 2012

    Watch Out for School Buses as Summer Vacation Ends

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    Labor Day weekend usually marks the end of the summer, which means the end of summer vacation for students across the state. As children begin their return to school, motorists…

    Black Boxes and Car Accidents: Agency Determines how Data Used in Crash Analysis

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    We have all seen the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. Whether the collision involved a large truck or a passenger car, even what would appear to be a minor…

    Drunk Driving Accidents Report Released

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    Each year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) examines fatal motor vehicle accidents that happen across the country. The agency hopes to get a better sense of some of…

    New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Leads to Safety Reminders

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    Collisions between pedestrians and motor vehicles often result in serious injuries for the pedestrian. Walkers, joggers and bicyclists have to be constantly aware of their surroundings when near a road…

    New Jersey Plans to Begin Issuing Tickets Using Red Light Cameras

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    Whenever we are behind-the-wheel, we know there is a risk that we could be in a motor vehicle accident. Often, these accidents happen with little warning, without any chance to…

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