Month: March 2013

    Who are the worst texting offenders: Teens or adults?

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    Most teenagers believe (to a certain extent) that they are invincible. They engage in risky behavior believing that terrible things simply will not happen to them. This may explain the…

    Possible defect leads to fatal accident

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    There are so many things that drivers have to worry about while behind the wheel. They must monitor their speed, lane position, proximity to other drivers and other road hazards…

    Hit and run accident has personal injury elements

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    A man from Haddon Township is being held by police after an accident killed a pedestrian who was trying to cross a busy road. The accident occurred on Black Horse…

    Stress of mega-commutes may contribute to accidents

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    Traffic is undoubtedly stressful for New Jersey commuters. A study conducted by an NYU psychologist found that people who had commutes of 45 minutes or more had higher levels of…

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