Month: July 2013

    New Jersey teen driver flees scene of injury auto accident

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    Rutherford police officers recently apprehended a teenage driver who fled the scene of a Saturday midday car accident. The accident happened at an intersection when an unlicensed 16-year-old driver…

    Teenage New Jersey driver causes car accident

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    Three teenage drivers probably wish they had met under better circumstances. The three of them, as well as one child, sustained injuries recently in a car crash in Montgomery…

    Regaining bladder function for spinal cord injury victims

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    The spinal cord serves as a bridge that sends signals from the human brain to the other parts of the body to function correctly. If an injury occurs to…

    New Jersey man faces multiple charges after three-car crash

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    Driving while intoxicated can cause devastating accidents. Although most Bergen area residents are aware of this, impaired driving remains one of the most common crimes committed nationally. A 52-year-old…

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