Month: January 2016

    Make New Jersey Streets Safer by Sharing the Road

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    Bicyclists and motorcycle riders face the greatest dangers from drivers who aren’t looking out for them. Drivers in cars are also at risk of causing accidents with trucks when they don’t properly share the road.

    Amazon Fined For Failing to Report Workplace Injuries at New Jersey Warehouse

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    On January 12, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) announced that it had issued Amazon’s Robbinsville, New Jersey facility a citati

    Types of Trucks Involved in New Jersey Accidents

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    New Jersey’s drivers have to contend with an incredible variety of commercial vehicles on the road. Understanding the different types of trucks can help you become a safer driver.

    University in New Jersey Bans Hoverboards as Injuries and Lawsuits Mount

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    Following a recommendation made by the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety, Kean University announced that hoverboards will no longer be allowed on campus. The p

    Appointing a Personal Representative to Bring a NJ Wrongful Death Claim

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    When someone is killed because of the wrongful or negligent act of a person or organization, that person (the decedent) has rights. Because the decedent isn’t alive to enforce those rights, they pass to the decedent’s estate.

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