Could Distracted Driving Break Google Glass?

The future is here. A California woman recently received the first traffic ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving. She was initially pulled over for speeding, but was cited additionally for wearing a product that is not even on the market yet, and it wasn’t even turned on. The law she was charged with violating prohibits drivers from watching television while driving.

Many states have drafted very broad distracted driving laws that could apply to Google Glass. Some states, including New Jersey, have introduced legislation specifically barring drivers from getting behind the wheel while wearing Google Glass. Proponents of the New Jersey law argue that while Google Glass is technically hands-free, the visual display has the potential to interfere with the driver’s focus on the road. Google foresaw the problem and warned users that most states have laws limiting the use of mobile devices while driving and advised users to follow those laws. If the New Jersey legislation passes, police would be able to ticket drivers who don’t take off Google Glass before driving.

Defenders of Google Glass believe it is actually safer than mobile phones and GPS systems because it has a voice-activated screen. This allows users to get turn-by-turn directions in the car without having to look down and take their eyes off the road.

Google Glass is yet another distraction competing for drivers’ attention on the road, and it should be interesting to follow the legislation in New Jersey and other states to see how it all plays out. In the meantime, if a driver distracted in any manner injures you, consulting with our experienced New Jersey car accident lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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