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Ford faces sudden acceleration lawsuit

A lawsuit recently filed in a West Virginia federal court could have lasting implications on past auto accidents in New Jersey. The suit alleges that Ford Motor Company essentially put profits ahead of safety in allowing millions of vehicles to be on the road despite having dangerous design defects that left them prone to sudden accelerations.

The plaintiffs in the suit are Ford owners from 14 states. They are seeking class action status. The vehicles identified in the suit include the 2008-2010 Taurus, 2007-2010 Edge, and the 2004-2010 Explorer.

Many people remember that Japanese automaker Toyota recently experienced legal troubles due to similar problems. It recently settled a lawsuit with the survivors of a Utah couple killed in 2010 when a Toyota Camry suddenly accelerated on I-80 and crashed into a wall. Toyota also reached a $1.1 billion dollar settlement with a class of Camry owners who claimed that the scandal caused them to lose considerable value in their vehicles. Toyota continues to negotiate settlements with people who were injured in various accidents across the country.

While no reports have arisen about acceleration problems injuring Ford drivers, the lawsuit could affect liability in New Jersey accidents involving Fords. Essentially, a Ford driver accused of speeding into traffic or causing an accident may have a viable defense if it can be proven that the car was defective. Further, Ford could be liable to New Jersey drivers who were previously injured if it can be proven that Ford allowed defective cars on the road.

Source: WRCBtv.com, Lawsuit claims Ford ‘design defect’ can cause sudden acceleration, March 31, 2013

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