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New Jersey Plans to Begin Issuing Tickets Using Red Light Cameras

Whenever we are behind-the-wheel, we know there is a risk that we could be in a motor vehicle accident. Often, these accidents happen with little warning, without any chance to avoid the impact. Intersections are one of the most common places that these accidents occur.

If the intersection does not have stoplights, there can be confusion about which vehicles have the right-of-way. Cars and trucks may enter the intersection before it is safe to do so, resulting in t-bone or rear-end collisions.

At intersections with stoplights, accidents may be caused by drivers trying to beat a red light. Drivers approaching the stoplights might accelerate when they see a yellow light, which may have potentially dangerous consequences for other motorists.

To help reduce the amount of motor vehicle accidents caused by drivers running red lights, New Jersey has completed the process of certifying its cameras used to issue tickets to these drivers. Use of many of the cameras had been suspended as officials examined compliance with rules regarding the period of time that yellow lights would display.

Tickets will be issued if the cameras spot drivers running red lights or making illegal turns at intersections where the cameras are posted. The camera takes a photo of the offender’s license plate, and then mails the ticket to the address on file.

Officials with the Department of Transportation tested various intersections that were deemed to not be in compliance when the cameras were initially suspended, and adjusted lights when necessary.

The cameras have been controversial, but it appears they will not be going away anytime soon. Motorists should approach all intersections carefully, and be aware of the other vehicles that are present.

Source: NJ.com “State certifies red-light cameras, ticketing likely to resume soon” July 25, 2012.

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