New Lawsuits Filed Against NHL Draw Attention to Sports Injury Risks

On April 10th of this year, a second group of former National Hockey League players filed a lawsuit against the league for its treatment of players. The lawsuit seeks damages for the NHL’s alleged unlawful exploitation of its players by subjecting them to the imminent risk of head trauma and other serious injuries.

This second lawsuit is similar to the first — filed late November 2013 — which now has more than 200 plaintiffs. While only nine retired players are named in the most recent claim, more players are expected to join as the case moves forward.

The details of the suit include the following:

  • The plaintiffs accuse the NHL of using extreme violence to generate a profit, while subjecting its players to injuries that may result in devastating health consequences such as memory loss, cognitive difficulties, depression and future brain-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • In addition, the claim alleges that the organization has failed to implement policies that have the potential to protect players from suffering or worsening head trauma during league practices and games.
  • The lawsuit seeks monetary damages for injuries, in addition to increased monitoring for players.

A similar previous case, filed by former National Football League athletes, resulted in a $765 million initial settlement to be distributed among thousands of former players. But the judge rejected the settlement, and seven former players involved in the suit have also filed objections, all claiming that the sum was inadequate to cover the treatment costs, pain and suffering that injured players endured.

Although the outcomes of these lawsuits are yet to be determined, the cases have brought a considerable amount of media attention to the issue of sports injury risk and personal injury liability.

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