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    Poor Maintenance Causes New Jersey Tractor-Trailer Wrecks

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    Cheap or unscrupulous trucking companies often sacrifice safety for profits. They may skip scheduled or regular maintenance, and instead wait until something actually breaks before they repair their trucks.

    New Pathfinder and Infiniti JX recalled for brake problems

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    Product recalls are a regular part of an automaker’s relationship with consumers. Essentially, they have a continuing duty to correct problems that could lead to accidents (and subsequent injuries). In…

    Ford faces sudden acceleration lawsuit

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    A lawsuit recently filed in a West Virginia federal court could have lasting implications on past auto accidents in New Jersey. The suit alleges that Ford Motor Company essentially put…

    European swine flu vaccine linked to narcolepsy cases

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    With the flu outbreak intensifying in the northeast, more people are seeking vaccinations. This is normally a safe and predictable ritual of winter. However, this year’s flu shots could lead…

    What we hope not to see in 2013

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    With 2012 in the books, we start our latest post by wishing our readers a happy and prosperous New Year. With that said, we look back on pharmaceutical issues  that…

    Toys to avoid during the holiday season

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    The Black Friday shopping frenzy started earlier than usual this year, with many shoppers leaving the dinner table on Thanksgiving to seek deals on the latest gadgets and toys. In…

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