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    What happens with whiplash injuries

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    Whiplash is one of the most elusive, yet common injuries suffered in car accidents. It happens when the body (specifically the neck) is violently forced forward, then backwards in a…

    Stress of mega-commutes may contribute to accidents

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    Traffic is undoubtedly stressful for New Jersey commuters. A study conducted by an NYU psychologist found that people who had commutes of 45 minutes or more had higher levels of…

    Recent New Jersey Snowstorms and Ice Buildup Can Lead to Slip and Fall Injuries

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    For over a week, snow-weary New Jersey residents have struggled to dig themselves out from under almost two feet of snow. And while cleared sidewalks and parking lots are a welcome…

    Who Should Be Allowed to Sedate Patients?

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    Where should the medical profession draw the line between tasks that truly require the attention of a doctor and those that can be capably handled by a specialized nurse? New…

    Hospital Wins For Doing More with Less – Is This a Good Thing?

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    Newton Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital serving the community of Newton, New Jersey. In June 2010, the hospital received a Voluntary Hospital Association (VHA) Leadership Award for the fourth…

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