Our Attorneys Assist Patients Injured by New Jersey Medication Errors

Let our lawyer-doctor review holding healthcare professionals accountable for their negligence

One tiny pill can cure disease, relieve pain and improve your quality of life. However, too much, too little or the wrong pill can seriously injure you, as can a contaminated, adulterated or mismanaged medication. Your healthcare providers have the responsibility to use caution when prescribing, filling, administering and assessing pharmaceuticals you take. Alarmingly, however, medication errors happen regularly.

Since 1976, Seigel Law has advocated for patients’ rights in doctors’ offices and hospitals throughout Ridgewood, Hackensack, Fair Lawn, Teaneck, Garfield, Fort Lee, Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth and Clifton. If your doctor, pharmacist or nurse made a pharmaceutical mistake that harmed you, our medical malpractice team can help. We answer your questions about medical malpractice and take decisive steps to seek the best possible outcomes in your case.

Common pharmaceutical mistakes made by doctors

Doctors should be involved in the prescription process at every stage, from examining the patient, prescribing the medications and following up in the hours, days or months after administering certain drugs. Breach of these important duties can result in injuries from:

  • Too low a dosage of a medication
  • Overdose of a medication
  • Prescription for inappropriate type of drug for its intended use
  • Failure to monitor the patient for adverse side effects
  • Inadequate screening for patient risk factors
  • Lack of screening and assessing for harmful drug interactions
  • Disregard of a patient’s allergic reaction to the medicine

Nurses’ drug errors

In a hospital setting, nurses are typically the healthcare professional with whom patients interact most. Nurses are often tasked with administering medications to patients and may be the first to notice adverse reactions and alert doctors of potential problems. Despite this immense responsibility, nurses are often overworked and tired as they perform their duties. In addition, hospitals often fail to implement sufficient safeguards to protect patients from pharmaceutical errors. These are just two common factors that can contribute to such potentially deadly nursing mistakes as:

  • Mixing up patients and giving someone another person’s medicine
  • Misreading orders for the type or dosage of drugs
  • Administering doses either too close together or too far apart
  • Missing a patient’s scheduled doses
  • Injecting intravenous drugs into arteries
  • Failing to sterilize IV lines
  • Contaminating patients’ drugs because of failure to wash hands

Protect your rights after you suffer injuries because of a medication error

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