Our Lawyers Review MMI Determinations that Allow Workers to Return to Work After an Injury in New Jersey

Protecting your rights under the workers compensation program

In a perfect world, you are able to resume your regular job responsibilities after you fully recover from your workplace injury. Unfortunately, your employer may take the opportunity to change your job requirements or to eliminate your position. Even if your job is still available, you may find that the new tasks do not match your job skills or physical capacity.

Seigel Law has assisted injured workers throughout Ridgewood, Hackensack, Fair Lawn, Teaneck, Garfield, Fort Lee, Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth and Clifton since established our office in 1976. We know you have many questions about workers compensation and your rights when you return to your job. Our attorneys take charge to make sure you are treated fairly throughout the workers compensation process.

When you reach maximum medical improvement

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) means that additional treatment will not improve your medical condition. Once your doctor decides you have reached MMI, you are allowed to return to your job. However, you forfeit remaining workers compensation benefits by going back to work. For this reason, your doctor may feel pressured to conclude you are at MMI too soon. You are entitled to a second opinion if you do not agree with your doctor’s assessment. Our attorneys make sure your doctor does not rush you into returning to work and jeopardize the workers compensation to which you are entitled.

Returning to a new position

Even though your doctor decided you reached your MMI, your injuries may not allow you to return to your former job. Your employer may instead place you in a different job, one for which you feel unqualified. This is a common tactic to force an injured worker to eventually become frustrated enough to quit. These actions may not be lawful either. Our lawyers continue to protect your rights at every stage of the workers compensation process.

Your right to vocational rehabilitation

If your injuries prevent you from returning to your former job, or if the position is no longer available, you may be assigned to a vocational rehabilitation program. Tasked with training you in new job skills, your vocational rehabilitation counselor might be more concerned with getting you off workers compensation benefits and back into the workplace as soon as possible. Our lawyers insist that you be placed into a vocational rehabilitation program and a new job that is appropriate for you.

Protect your rights to workers’ compensation

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