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Bicyclist’s Death Shows Perils of Unprotected Left-Turn Intersections

A recent collision at a New Jersey intersection cost a bicyclist her life when she was struck by a truck that was making a left turn. The tragic incident illustrates Read More

Fatal Car Accidents Rose in First Half of 2022, Led by 11 Percent Hike in Northeast

While drivers have traveled fewer miles since the start of the Covid pandemic, the number of traffic fatalities continues to rise on U.S. roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Read More

Six Flags “El Toro” Accidents Show Danger is Always Lurking at Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are great places to let loose and get thrills from roller coasters, water slides and other rides. While amusement parks may look and feel safe on the outside, Read More

NJ Bill Would Condition Teen Drivers’ Licenses on Completing Hours of Supervised Training

Teenaged drivers are involved in a high number of auto accidents in New Jersey, which experts attribute to lack of experience and training. New Jersey is one of only three Read More

Seniors Are at Increased Risk of Injury in Wintertime

Winter slips and falls account for a large majority of injuries that older individuals suffer. Older adults are generally at a higher risk of falling due to their physical conditions. Read More

Recent NJ School Bus Crashes Show Children Are Ever at Risk

Two school bus accidents in the span of one September week in Bergen County illustrate how children are at risk of injury in bus crashes, often due to careless driving Read More

Dirt Bikes, ATVs Have Become Menaces on City Streets

Law enforcement in several New Jersey municipalities are attempting to crack down on dirt bike and ATV use on streets and sidewalks, a problem that has led to numerous accidents Read More

How a Car’s Color May Affect the Risk of an Accident

Today’s automobiles come equipped with multiple state-of-the-art safety features, such as airbags, blind spot monitors and lane-keeping assistance systems. But there are more basic attributes that can affect a vehicle’s Read More

NJ Traffic Deaths Still Climbing After 14-Year High In 2021

There were 698 people killed in auto accidents in New Jersey in 2021, the most in 14 years. Early data for 2022 show this year could be even deadlier. The Read More

Hit and Run by City Councilwoman Points Up Perils of City Bike Riding

In July 2022, a Jersey City councilwoman driving an SUV struck a bicycle rider at an intersection and fled the scene. A recording by a nearby surveillance camera shows the Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 32 posts


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