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New Jersey Seeks Relief for “Pothole Tax” that Plagues Drivers

Although New Jersey residents might look forward to warmer weather after a cold, snowy winter, melting ice also cues the start of pothole season. New Jersey roads are known as Read More

Pedestrian Accident Wave at Intersection Worries Bergenfield Residents

It is significantly more dangerous for a pedestrian to be involved in a car accident than for someone in a vehicle. Lacking any protection, someone who is struck by vehicle Read More

NJ Alert System Warns Truckers of Accidents Miles Ahead

Tractor trailers and semi-trucks are the primary modes of transporting goods in the U.S. and are essential to our economy. These large commercial vehicles are driven by trained professionals, who Read More

Drastic Spike in Car Crash Fatalities Prompts Calls to Adopt “Vision Zero” in New Jersey

New Jersey traffic fatalities were way up in 2021, increasing sizably over those in the two prior years. In fact, traffic fatalities in New Jersey are at a 14-year high. Read More

Recovering Damages for Fatal Auto Accidents in New Jersey

Automobile accidents are a fact of modern life. Unfortunately, some of these accidents are fatal. In 2021, there were nearly 700 deaths on New Jersey roadways — a marked increase Read More

Cautionary Tips for Driving in a NJ Snowstorm

New Jersey is a challenging place for driving even in good weather, but wintery conditions can make the state’s roads even more treacherous. Snowstorms are often contributing factors in vehicle Read More

Billions in Expected Infrastructure Aid Underscore the Sorry State of New Jersey Roads

In New Jersey and across the nation, many segments of transportation infrastructure are in poor condition. Far too many roads, bridges, tunnels and related fixtures are in serious disrepair or Read More

Bill Would Make New Jersey Dog Owners Criminally Liable for “Bite and Run” Incidents

Most dogs are well behaved but some will bite without provocation. Most dog owners are responsible but some are reckless in failing to supervise their pets. A biting dog and Read More

High Teen Accident Rates Lead to Calls for Increased Driver Ed, Longer Permit Period

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of teen deaths in New Jersey. To combat the problem, a coalition of automobile safety advocates is pushing for more stringent laws Read More

Crashes With Deer Are on the Rise — and More Dangerous Than You Think

A century ago, the deer population in North America was nearly wiped out by overhunting. Conservation programs and hunting restrictions put in place in subsequent decades were exceedingly successful. As Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 228 posts

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