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NJ Traffic Deaths Still Climbing After 14-Year High In 2021

There were 698 people killed in auto accidents in New Jersey in 2021, the most in 14 years. Early data for 2022 show this year could be even deadlier. The Read More

Hit-and-Run Accident on New Jersey Lake Illustrates the Hazards of Recreational Boating

In July 2022, a couple taking an evening cruise on New Jersey’s Lake Hopatcong was injured when a speeding vessel collided with their pontoon boat. According to a news account, Read More

Child’s Drowning Highlights Dangers of Swimming Pool Parties

In June 2022, a 7-year-old girl drowned at a private pool in Teaneck that had been rented out for a party. The latest in a string of pool drowning accidents Read More

NJ Prosecutor’s Fatal Crash Shows Dangers Facing Urban Motorcyclists

An assistant Bergen County prosecutor was killed in July 2022 when his motorcycle collided with an SUV at a treacherous crossroads in Hackensack, NJ. The accident is illustrative of the Read More

Hit and Run by City Councilwoman Points Up Perils of City Bike Riding

In July 2022, a Jersey City councilwoman driving an SUV struck a bicycle rider at an intersection and fled the scene. A recording by a nearby surveillance camera shows the Read More

Distracted Driving Remains a Major Cause of NJ Traffic Fatalities

A recent fatal accident in Bergen County is a vivid example of the scourge of distracted driving that is afflicting New Jersey. A Ferrari sportscar going down a main road Read More

New Jersey Legislators Propose Initiating Vision Zero at State Level

Fatal traffic accidents are a serious problem in New Jersey. In 2021, the state saw 699 deaths on its roadways, including 367 drivers, 86 passengers, 219 pedestrians and 27 cyclists. Read More

Study Shows Seniors Most Vulnerable Victims in Pedestrian Accidents

A recent study conducted by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) reveals that senior citizens are particularly vulnerable while crossing the street. In response, the city has proposed Read More

“Daylighting” at Intersections Helps Eliminate Traffic Deaths

Every year, car drivers, car passengers, bikers and pedestrians in cities all over the United States are injured or killed in collisions at intersections. A major cause of these often-avoidable Read More

Proposed Law Would Make Seat Belts Mandatory on School Buses Nationwide

For decades, public-school buses did not have passenger seat belts. Over the years, concerned parents and traffic accident experts advocated for increased bus safety, including seatbelts. Some school districts and Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 247 posts

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