NJ Slip and Fall Lawyers Take on Negligent Property Owners

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Whether it’s a twisted ankle, broken wrist or slipped disc, serious slip and fall injuries can put you out of work and into the doctor’s office or hospital. If your incident resulted from another party’s carelessness, legal relief might be available. Seigel Law in Ridgewood represents New Jersey residents who are entitled to compensation because they’ve been hurt on someone else’s property. Our firm has decades of experience obtaining substantial verdicts and settlements for slip and fall victims in Bergen, Passaic, Essex and Hudson counties.

Common causes of slip and fall injuries

A serious slip and fall injury can occur in a business establishment or someone else’s home. We are well versed in New Jersey negligence actions and the dangerous conditions that often trigger them, such as:

  • Spills — Numerous premises liability cases result from the failure of supermarkets, restaurants and shopping malls to clean up spills in a timely manner.
  • Dangerous walking surfaces — Loose floorboards, icy sidewalks and broken tiles increase the risk of a slip and fall injury.
  • Poor lighting — Whether inside or outside, guests on someone’s premises need to see where they’re going. If you believe the lack of proper lighting led to your accident, we’ll investigate the facts to determine if the property owner is legally liable.
  • Unmarked hazards — While someone who is familiar with a location might be aware of hard-to-see obstacles or other hidden hazards, these dangers should be identified for people who are invited onto the premises.

From the moment we start to represent you, our litigators look to build a compelling legal argument that persuades defendants to offer a prompt, favorable settlement.

Common slip and fall injuries

Sometimes, slip and fall victims suffer broken bones or a spinal injury that lingers for months or years after the accident. If your head strikes the floor or another object, you could experience a concussion or some other traumatic brain injury. No matter the particular ailment, we work aggressively to win reimbursement for medical bills and rehabilitation costs.

Why you need a lawyer for your slip and fall injury claim

Once you’ve suffered a slip and fall injury, the property owner or their insurance company might seek to resolve your case immediately by offering some sort of payment. Retaining an experienced attorney will help you understand the elements of your potential lawsuit, such as:

  • Case value — We evaluate the facts in each case thoroughly and provide an honest assessment of the compensation that you could expect if the matter went to trial.
  • Legal duty — To win a slip and fall case, the plaintiff must prove that the person or business with control of the property owed a legal duty to the plaintiff. If the defendant invited the victim to the site, this is an easy call, but other situations can be trickier.
  • Reasonable care — When it is clear that the defendant had a legal duty to protect guests, the key question often becomes whether the defendant took reasonable measures to prevent the type of injury that occurred. This can be a complicated, fact-specific analysis. Drawing on decades of experience, our firm offers insight into to what might be required given the circumstances in your case.

In every situation, we stand up for the rights of victims who seek to hold negligent parties accountable.

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