New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers Champion Rights of Accident Victims

Ridgewood attorneys seek to maximize compensation for TBI sufferers

Suffering a traumatic brain injury from a blow to the head can create a number of physical and mental problems that can render you unable to function normally, perhaps for the rest of your life. When a TBI is the result of an accident caused by another’s fault, the attorneys of Seigel Law in Ridgewood, New Jersey will work tenaciously to win you the compensation you need and deserve.

How do you know if you suffered traumatic brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury can have varied symptoms, depending on the intensity of the impact to the head. The two main categories are as follows:

  • Mild TBIs and concussions — These can cause brief loss of consciousness, headaches, dizziness, confusion, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, problems with memory or concentration, drowsiness, difficulty speaking, depression, moodiness or a combination of these symptoms.
  • Moderate and severe TBIs — These may result in more serious symptoms, such as longer periods of unconsciousness, splitting headaches, loss of coordination, slurred speech, numbness and even coma. There may be additional symptoms, such as seizures, nausea and agitation and other unusual behaviors.

No matter how severe or mild your symptoms, we will pursue legal action against the liable parties for your accident-related TBI.

What accidents cause traumatic brain injury?

A TBI is normally the result of a blow or other violent impact to the head. Examples of accidents that can cause a TBI are:

  • Auto accidents in which the head strikes the interior of the vehicle
  • Accidents in which a pedestrian or motorcyclist is struck by another vehicle or object or is thrown to the road
  • Falls from significant heights
  • Slips and falls against hard surfaces
  • Construction site, recreational, sports and other accidents

If you suffer a head impact, we will investigate the cause and severity of your injury, identify other persons or corporations that may be wholly or partially at fault and bring suit against them. Then we will build the strongest case for liability that we can.

How we evaluate your traumatic brain injury case

TBIs can have a catastrophic effect on your life. For instance, you might need:

  • Urgent and continuing medical care, perhaps for years or the rest of your life
  • Brain surgery
  • Physical and vocational rehabilitation
  • A caregiver
  • Special equipment to meet your daily needs

In addition to compensation to pay for these things, you might be entitled to damages for lost income, reduced earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life. We accumulate evidence to substantiate all of these losses and to demonstrate their connection to your accident-caused personal injuries, in order to maximize the amount you can receive at settlement or trial.

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