Electrocution and Electrical Injuries

Recovery for shock and fire-related accidents

Electricity is a truly miraculous discovery that makes our lives healthier, safer, more convenient and more pleasurable. However, electricity can become a deadly force. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 30,000 nonfatal shock accidents happen every year. Numerous fires are also associated with electrical malfunctions.

Seigel Law was founded in 1976 to help injury victims in Ridgewood, Hackensack, Fair Lawn, Teaneck, Garfield, Fort Lee, Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth and Clifton. Because our firm only handles personal injury litigation, our team is able to steadfastly pursue recovery in the most serious catastrophic accident cases. If you or your loved one suffered a shock by electrocution or a burn injury in an electrical fire, our lawyers have the experience and the resources to seek compensation for you.

Electrical malfunctions in the home

Electricity travels through the walls of your home and into dozens of products as diverse as lamps, stove ranges, washing machines, computers and kids’ toys. You reasonably assume the structure of your home is sound and the products you use are safe. However, you are at risk of serious injury if malfunctioning equipment causes a serious jolt — for example by one of the three most common products associated with electrocution, which are small appliances, power tools and lighting equipment. In addition, a problem with equipment or wiring in walls can also spark a deadly flame.

Many house fires and electrocutions are started in just this way because of the negligence of manufacturers, construction crews and corporations. Our attorneys review your claim for products liability and consider whether you have a premises liability claim against your landlord if you rented your home, for example.

Electrocution at the worksite

Electrocution is included in the construction fatal four by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. OSHA attributed 9 percent of all construction workers’ deaths to electrocution in 2012. Other workers sustained severe electrical injuries on the worksite, including burns, cardiac arrest, and nerve and muscle damage. Other industries are susceptible to electrocution, as well.

You are entitled to workers compensation for your on-the-job injuries. You may have an additional third-party claim against an equipment manufacturer or the owner of the premises where you were conducting work.

Protect your legal claim to compensation

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