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Accomplished lawyers assist victims of popular opioid addiction treatment

Opioid addiction is a national plague. Doctors, lawmakers and scientists have devoted substantial efforts to slowing the devastation caused by Fentanyl, Oxycodone, heroin and other narcotic substances. Hundreds of thousands of Americans believed they had found a promising treatment in Suboxone, a prescription medication made by Indivior. Unfortunately, many people who relied on this pharmaceutical began to suffer severe dental problems, including loss of teeth. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning regarding Suboxone in 2022, but it was too late for thousands of victims. Seigel Law, an accomplished personal injury law firm, works to obtain appropriate compensation for people in New York and other states who unknowingly exposed themselves to the serious risks of Suboxone. 

The link between Suboxone strips and various dental problems

Suboxone strips are placed under the user’s tongue or between their cheek and gum. The strips then dissolve to release buprenorphine and naloxone into the body. Those two substances are designed to prevent the craving for opioids and to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Originally a painkiller, buprenorphine was utilized to treat Opioid Use Disorder in 2015. It wasn’t until January 2022, however, that the FDA warning gave potential Suboxone users the chance to make an informed choice about the possible serious injury to their teeth. Buprenorphine has been linked to dental problems such as severe tooth decay, cavities, abscesses, oral infections and edentulism, which is the medical term for tooth loss. Other potential symptoms include tooth sensitivity, dry mouth, cracked teeth, loss of enamel and ulcers. If you have suffered any of these problems with your teeth and you believe Suboxone might be to blame, you should reach out to our product liability attorneys immediately about pursuing compensation. 

Experienced attorneys seek justice for clients Multidistrict Litigation 

Responding to the FDA warning, Indivior put a warning label on Suboxone in June 2022. Lawsuits have been filed against Indivior in all 50 states to redress harm suffered by users who were not aware of the alleged side effects. These actions have been consolidated by the U.S. Panel on Multidistrict Litigation. The claims, referred to collectively as MDL 3092 will resolved in the Northern District of Ohio. You might be eligible for relief if the following conditions apply:

  • You used Suboxone sublingual strips to treat a dependence to opioids prior to the FDA warning about potential tooth decay in 2022.
  • You suffered from significant dental problems following your use of Suboxone.
  • Your dental problems are not related to another condition and go beyond typical decay. 

In the event you are eligible to join the litigation, your possible damages might include reimbursement for dental work you received or might need to treat your Suboxone-related issues. You could also collect compensation for your pain and suffering and other consequences of poor dental health, such as difficulty maintaining a proper diet. Our lawyers can advise you regarding the latest developments in MDL 3092, such as reports that the link between buprenorphine and tooth decay was recognized long before the FDA warning in 2022. Our personal injury lawyers are determined to help Suboxone victims get the payment they deserve and to hold the liable parties accountable. 

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