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Black Boxes and Car Accidents: Agency Determines how Data Used in Crash Analysis

We have all seen the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. Whether the collision involved a large truck or a passenger car, even what would appear to be a minor accident Read More

Drunk Driving Accidents Report Released

Each year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) examines fatal motor vehicle accidents that happen across the country. The agency hopes to get a better sense of some of the Read More

New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Leads to Safety Reminders

Collisions between pedestrians and motor vehicles often result in serious injuries for the pedestrian. Walkers, joggers and bicyclists have to be constantly aware of their surroundings when near a road Read More

New Jersey Plans to Begin Issuing Tickets Using Red Light Cameras

Whenever we are behind-the-wheel, we know there is a risk that we could be in a motor vehicle accident. Often, these accidents happen with little warning, without any chance to avoid Read More

Truck Drivers Not Getting Required Rest?

When an 18-wheeler is involved in a collision with a passenger vehicle, often serious injuries will result. Because of the difference in the size of the vehicles involved in trucking accidents, Read More

Move-Over Law Campaign Aims to Reduce Accidents

When approaching an accident or other utility activity that is happening on the side of the road, many motorists will inevitably become distracted. They may slow down to take a Read More

Vehicle Type May Lead to More Serious Injuries in Car or Truck Accidents

When we look for a new car or truck, often one of the first things that we consider is the vehicle’s safety record. Many manufacturers and consumer groups extensively test Read More

Deadliest Day for Teen Drivers

The American Automobile Association (AAA) recently released a report that states July 4th is the most dangerous day for teens to die in car accidents. With kids out of school,… Read More

Officials Focused on Drugged/Drunk Truck Drivers

There are many regulations in place for commercial drivers. Because of the size of the vehicles that they are driving, safety is a top priority. Each year it seems more Read More

Motorcycle Accident Deaths Increase in States with Partial Helmet Laws

Every motorcycle rider realizes the dangers every time he or she heads out on the road. Even a minor motorcycle accident can result in serious injuries, simply because the rider is Read More

Viewing 191 - 200 out of 233 posts

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