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Asbury Park Man Falls to His Death

On a worksite, on a playground or around the house, a slip-and-fall can easily lead to serious injury. For a prominent Asbury Park man, a nine-story fall caused death. Jay Read More

Why Should You Carry UM/UIM Insurance?

Because insurance contracts tend to be complicated and expensive, many people approach auto insurance shopping with one goal in mind — paying as little as possible. Unfortunately, they often misunderstand Read More

Dog Bites: When Man’s Best Friend Attacks

With ownership of an animal comes responsibility for its actions. Recently, pit bull-mix dogs have gained notoriety for their serious and sometimes fatal attacks on young and old across the Read More

Medication Errors Leave Patients in the Dark

According to a recent report, patients are often not told when a hospital makes a mistake with their medications. The research indicates that hospitals inform patients about a medication error Read More

How Distracted Driving Can Affect Your Case

The statistics speak clearly. Driving while distracted is dangerous — almost as dangerous as driving intoxicated. However, the direct effect driver distraction can have on your personal injury case is Read More

What Is Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress?

You can recover compensation for personal injury, property damage or other interference with your rights under an area of the law called torts. While some torts are based on intentional Read More

New Jersey Man Awarded $10 Million for Lou Gehrig’s Disease Misdiagnosis

In September 2013, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled to deny a request for an appeal from the Penn Neurological Institute at Pennsylvania Hospital. The appeal would have reexamined a $9,654,551 Read More

Defective Automobiles Can Cause Serious Harm

Luxury automobile manufacturer Tesla Motors is facing some tough questions after one of its battery-powered Model S automobiles recently went up in flames. The Model S vehicles, which are battery-powered, Read More

New Jersey Court Ruling Favors Victim in Tire Blowout Lawsuit

On April 23 of this year, the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court made the decision to uphold a $5.5 million lawsuit award for a family injured when Read More

Viewing 211 - 220 out of 314 posts

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