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The Doctor-Patient Relationship

The existence of a doctor-patient relationship, like other professional relationships, offers patents certain protections. For example, if a doctor-patient relationship does not exist, the doctor is not bound by a Read More

Birth Control Pills May Lead to Pregnancies

Recently, Pfizer recalled nearly one million packages of birth control pills, citing manufacturing concerns. The drugs, sold under the name Lo/Ovral-28 (along with the generic equivalent), were not in the Read More

“Distracted Doctoring”: A Dangerous New Trend

New Jersey residents would generally agree that it is common today to see people everywhere glued to their smartphones or tablets. But medical malpractice concerns can arise when these people are Read More

Study Compares Birth Injury Risks of Forceps to Other Procedures

A recent birth injury study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology examined the comparative safety of using forceps during delivery. Use of forceps by obstetricians has steadily decreased in recent decades in favor Read More

Medical Malpractice Based on Failure to Diagnose on the Rise

Medical malpractice cases can arise out of a many different kinds of health care provider negligence. One of the more common malpractice claims seen by Ridgewood medical negligence lawyers is injury Read More

Doctors Providing Unnecessary Treatment?

Anyone who has ever watched a late night infomercial knows there are many products being sold that people really don’t need. It might be surprising to learn, however, that many Read More

Bone Building Drugs Can Cause Serious Injuries After Prolonged Use

Loss of bone density and osteoporosis are a serious concern for women, especially as they age. Weakened bones can lead to bone fractures, especially in the hip or spine, which Read More

Fluconazole Presents Dangers During Pregnancy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says the anti-fungal drug Fluconazole can cause birth defects when taken in large doses during the first trimester of pregnancy. Fluconazole, which also goes Read More

New Mammogram Standards Bring Confusion

Breast cancer remains the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths for women in the United States. One of the leading weapons in the fight against breast cancer is mammography. Recently, the Read More

Cancer Patients Face Dangerous Risk with Cell Booster Use

Cancer is second-only to heart disease-as one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Unfortunately, some treatment protocols may be as dangerous as the disease if they Read More

Viewing 231 - 240 out of 260 posts

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