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High Teen Accident Rates Lead to Calls for Increased Driver Ed, Longer Permit Period

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of teen deaths in New Jersey. To combat the problem, a coalition of automobile safety advocates is pushing for more stringent laws Read More

Crashes With Deer Are on the Rise — and More Dangerous Than You Think

A century ago, the deer population in North America was nearly wiped out by overhunting. Conservation programs and hunting restrictions put in place in subsequent decades were exceedingly successful. As Read More

Driver Negligence Flagged as Major Cause of Spike in Highway Deaths

Highway fatalities went up in early 2021 despite fewer vehicles being on the road. According to statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 8,730 people nationwide were killed Read More

Pennsauken Crash Shows Hazards Faced in School Bus Operations

A recent incident in Pennsauken, NJ illustrates that danger is always lurking when school buses are in operation. As a mother greeted her daughter who was dismounting a bus one Read More

New Jersey Amusement Parks Can Be Dangerous Places

When people plan a fun day at a New Jersey amusement park, the last thing they expect is a tragic accident. Yet, there are many inherent hazards in amusement parks Read More

Common New Jersey Motorcycle Accidents and How to Recover Damages

While motorcycle riding can be fun and exciting, it can also be extremely dangerous. Regardless of the safety precautions you might take, accidents can occur out of nowhere. Since motorcyclists Read More

New Jersey’s Top 10 Deadliest Roads, and What Makes Them So Dangerous

New Jersey’s roads are known for being congested, poorly maintained and consequently dangerous. Everyday commuters, weekend shoppers, Jersey Shore visitors and travelers between New York and Philadelphia constantly fill our Read More

Legislation on Track in NJ Would Create Statewide School Bus Safety Monitor

New Jersey legislators are considering bills aimed at improving the safety of school bus transportation by putting an ombudsman in charge of assuring that drivers are qualified and that buses Read More

NJ Bill Could Speed the Process of Reimbursement for Totaled Vehicles

If your car has been totaled in an accident, you need reimbursement right away. That requires transferring the vehicle’s title to your auto insurance company. Currently in New Jersey, the Read More

NJ Transit $8M Settlement for Fatal Train Crash Underscores Dangers of Public Transportation

Five years ago, New Jersey Transit gained national notoriety when an out-of-control commuter train crashed at the Hoboken terminal during the morning rush hour. With the train moving at twice Read More

Viewing 91 - 100 out of 310 posts

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