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Westfield Mayor Says Four Crashes Were Caused by Distracted Driving in Four Days

Though the dangers associated with distracted driving are well known, motorists continue this dangerous behavior, triggering accidents on major highways and small-town streets. Whether a driver is texting, looking at Read More

Juvenile Charged with Hit and Run in Fatal Teaneck Crash

A fatal morning auto accident in Teaneck devastated a family and led to criminal charges against the juvenile responsible for the crash. Dymond Fryson, a 40-year-old patient authorization specialist for Read More

Distracted Driving Remains a Major Cause of NJ Traffic Fatalities

A recent fatal accident in Bergen County is a vivid example of the scourge of distracted driving that is afflicting New Jersey. A Ferrari sportscar going down a main road Read More

NJ Alert System Warns Truckers of Accidents Miles Ahead

Tractor trailers and semi-trucks are the primary modes of transporting goods in the U.S. and are essential to our economy. These large commercial vehicles are driven by trained professionals, who Read More

Drastic Spike in Car Crash Fatalities Prompts Calls to Adopt “Vision Zero” in New Jersey

New Jersey traffic fatalities were way up in 2021, increasing sizably over those in the two prior years. In fact, traffic fatalities in New Jersey are at a 14-year high. Read More

Recovering Damages for Fatal Auto Accidents in New Jersey

Automobile accidents are a fact of modern life. Unfortunately, some of these accidents are fatal. In 2021, there were nearly 700 deaths on New Jersey roadways — a marked increase Read More

New Jersey’s Top 10 Deadliest Roads, and What Makes Them So Dangerous

New Jersey’s roads are known for being congested, poorly maintained and consequently dangerous. Everyday commuters, weekend shoppers, Jersey Shore visitors and travelers between New York and Philadelphia constantly fill our Read More

New Pathfinder and Infiniti JX recalled for brake problems

Product recalls are a regular part of an automaker’s relationship with consumers. Essentially, they have a continuing duty to correct problems that could lead to accidents (and subsequent injuries). In Read More

What happens with whiplash injuries

Whiplash is one of the most elusive, yet common injuries suffered in car accidents. It happens when the body (specifically the neck) is violently forced forward, then backwards in a Read More

Stress of mega-commutes may contribute to accidents

Traffic is undoubtedly stressful for New Jersey commuters. A study conducted by an NYU psychologist found that people who had commutes of 45 minutes or more had higher levels of Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 12 posts


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