Stress of mega-commutes may contribute to accidents

Traffic is undoubtedly stressful for New Jersey commuters. A study conducted by an NYU psychologist found that people who had commutes of 45 minutes or more had higher levels of cortisol (a hormone that helps people deal with stress), and a harder time concentrating on work tasks.

Also, a recent U.S. Census report indicated that New Jersey had the second highest rate of people making “mega-commutes” a trip of more than 45 minutes to work. (The highest was New York). With so many people stressed out people making long commutes, accidents are bound to happen.

We find this story compelling because of how stress levels play a part in road rage (which regularly is a cause behind traffic accidents). Indeed, New Jersey drivers have a duty to use reasonable care while behind the wheel, and that duty extends to keeping one’s cool while encased in traffic. It is no secret that drivers view poor driving etiquette (cutting a driver off, tailgating) as a personal affront, which can promote the need for retaliation.

We hope our readers don’t find this post condescending, but drivers should resist the urge to get back at an offending driver. Given the stress levels New Jersey drivers may have, we realize that this may be easier said than done. However, the benefits and cost savings cannot be ignored. Drivers will not have to expend the time and energy seeking compensation for damaged vehicles and injuries suffered in accidents. Nevertheless, if you are injured in an accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can assist in getting your life back on track.

Source:, NJ drivers have second highest rate of mega-commutes, March 5, 2013

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