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Medical Center Study: Not All Preventable Medical Errors Avoided

In response to the alarmingly high rates of preventable medical errors in the U.S. health care system, the Joint Commission created a Universal Protocol – a checklist of steps to Read More

Recent New Jersey Snowstorms and Ice Buildup Can Lead to Slip and Fall Injuries

For over a week, snow-weary New Jersey residents have struggled to dig themselves out from under almost two feet of snow. And while cleared sidewalks and parking lots are a welcome Read More

Who Should Be Allowed to Sedate Patients?

Where should the medical profession draw the line between tasks that truly require the attention of a doctor and those that can be capably handled by a specialized nurse? New Read More

FDA Changing Medical Device Approval Process

Recently, the FDA issued proposed changes to the approval processes for medical devices. The changes come on the heels of a September 2009 report in which the FDA accused some Read More

Take Charge of Your Family’s Medical Care

We put a great amount of trust in medical professionals. Whether we are visiting an obstetrician to monitor a pregnancy or a pathologist for an acute illness, we tend to Read More

There Are No Dumb Questions.

At Seigel Law, we run our legal practice on a few important principles, and one of them is that there are no dumb questions. Firm founder Jan Seigel emphasizes this Read More

Hospital Wins For Doing More with Less – Is This a Good Thing?

Newton Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital serving the community of Newton, New Jersey. In June 2010, the hospital received a Voluntary Hospital Association (VHA) Leadership Award for the fourth Read More

New Jersey Supreme Court Decision Affirming $199,000.00 Recovery

Although Seigel Law is primarily known for it’s presence in the Trial Court’s, Joseph Albano recently obtained a New Jersey Supreme Court decision affirming a $199,000.00 recovery for a young woman injured Read More

One Million Dollar Cut Projected Locally in Hospital Funding

In another cost-cutting measure that affects health care, the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services announced in June 2010 that its funding for the New Jersey Hospital Care Read More

Viewing 201 - 210 out of 211 posts

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