Proving Fault After an Auto Accident

When an auto accident occurs and you are injured, proving fault can be a challenging task. However, you can take a number of steps to speed the process along and strengthen your case in the eyes of an insurer or attorney. These steps include the following:

  • Provide accident details — Be sure to take note of important details about the accident, such as the time, date, road conditions, weather conditions and whether there were any witnesses. If possible, take pictures of the scene, including the vehicles involved and any skid marks left on the road. Keep in mind that the more detailed the report, the stronger the foundation for a possible injury claim.
  • Obtain the police report — If the police show up at the scene of an accident, officers will likely make a written report, and they will certainly file one if someone was injured. This report may contain valuable information, such as the officer’s opinion that one person violated a traffic law, thereby causing the accident. Any mention of this or other details regarding fault are very helpful, so ask the traffic division of the police department for a copy of the report to support your claim.
  • Review the state traffic laws — Read through a simplified version of New Jersey’s traffic laws for any rules that might apply to your accident. For example, the other driver may have violated rules related to speed limits, posted signs or right of way.

Attempting to prove fault after a motor vehicle accident can be difficult, and in most cases it’s beneficial to rely on professional legal support. Explore your options for filing an injury claim in Bergen County, NJ or elsewhere in the state by consulting an experienced attorney.

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