Erb’s Palsy

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The brachial plexus is the network of nerves in the shoulder and neck. These nerves can become stretched or torn during childbirth, usually because of medical negligence. Erb’s palsy is a type of brachial injury. The condition affects one or two of every thousand babies in the United States. Minor brachial injuries typically heal over time, but more serious damage may cause permanent disabilities.

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Symptoms of Erb’s palsy in your newborn

Erb’s palsy is characterized by muscle weakness, loss of sensation and, in the most severe cases, paralysis. Symptoms of Erb’s palsy may be obvious right away or may not manifest for several weeks after your newborn’s birth. Common signs of brachial injury include:

  • Arm flexed at the elbow and tucked into the body
  • Not moving the affected arm or hand
  • Decreased grip
  • Delayed or absent reflexes
  • No reaction to touch

Risk factors for brachial plexus injuries

Your obstetrician has a duty to recommend a C-section if vaginal delivery is likely to increase your baby’s risk of injury. Some risk factors your doctor should have considered include:

  • Breech position of the infant
  • Larger-than-average baby
  • Mother being overweight or diabetic
  • Mother having small or unusually shaped pelvis
  • Use of labor-inducing drugs, such as Cervadil, Pitocin or Cytotec
  • Mother having history of difficult, prolonged labor

Obstetric mistakes that cause brachial and Erb’s palsy

Brachial injuries typically occur when the baby’s head and neck are pulled to one side at an awkward angle during passage through the birth canal. Your doctor may have made a variety of medical errors that could result in Erb’s palsy, including:

  • Failing to recommend C-section for high-risk births
  • Pulling on the baby’s head or shoulders during delivery

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