Month: May 2013

    New Jersey truck accident kills driver, injures passenger

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    Trucks are massive not only in size but also in weight, especially commercial trucks that carry heavy loads all across New Jersey. When a truck is involved in a collision,…

    Sneeze causes garbage truck to crash into home

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    Imagine explaining to your insurance company that a garbage truck suddenly jumped the curb, tore through a neighbors lawn, crashed through a light post and plowed into your East Hanover…

    Can others be held responsible for texting accidents

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    In a number of posts, we have noted how texting while driving can lead to accdients, especially when teens are behind the wheel. Indeed, there are studies showing that more…

    Pets pose a distracted driving threat for seniors

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    Initiatives to limit distracted driving have focused largely on electronic devices. More than 30 states (including New Jersey) have enacted laws banning texting while driving. Some states now require drivers…

    How New Jersey riders can stay safe

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    The rains that are forecasted for our region may make homeowners happy (as they can get much needed rain for gardens and lawns) but it makes riding treacherous for motorcyclists….

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