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The Causes of Public Transportation Accidents

0927741001617577502.jpgEvery day, millions of Americans rely on public transportation to safely and efficiently get them to school, commute to work, attend events, and run errands. When these systems fail, everyone on board is at risk, whether they’re riding a bus, taking a train, or waiting at the station. Since these systems are so big and so depended upon, it can be easy to wonder how they can be allowed to fail.

Individual Failures

Public transportation, like all other systems, is run by people. While it is the job of public transportation management to determine the qualifications of and train new drivers, most public transportation accidents are caused by driver failures. This can be due to exhaustion, substance use, distractions such as texting or talking on the phone, or failing to be aware of their surroundings.

Mechanical Failures

Bus networks and train systems rely on the functionality of heavy machinery and various monitoring technologies. If any of these mechanisms fail, it could result in an accident. Train systems, for example, rely heavily on operators being able to tell where they are in relation to other trains on their track. If the system malfunctions, they could end up with a collision. Buses are extremely heavy vehicles required to carry large loads of people through cities. If the bus experiences any type of mechanical failure, it puts everyone on the bus as well as around the bus at risk. This is why it’s so important that the transportation company does regular inspections of their vehicles and makes any repairs necessary.

Systemic Failures

While accidents can happen involving qualified drivers and operational equipment, they are often the result of a system failure in the company. If a distracted bus driver runs a red light, the company failed to properly screen, train, and monitor their drivers. If the brakes fail on a train, the company wasn’t being responsible in their inspections of their equipment. If someone trips on uneven flooring and falls down the stairs at an underground station, the company wasn’t maintaining their property.

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