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When is it “Too Late” to claim my injury?

0107021001617577724.jpgRecovering from an accident is a deeply personal process, and not everyone is ready to file a claim right away. Beyond that, not every victim knows the full extent of their injuries immediately after their accident, with some symptoms remaining dormant for months or longer. All this to say, it’s not unusual to realize you deserve compensation long after an accident and might not know if it’s too late to file a claim.

The Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims in New Jersey

Depending on the cause and discovery of an injury, you might have years or decades to file a claim. Most injuries, however, only have a two year statute of limitations from the time of the accident. This is to avoid plaintiffs holding an indefinite threat of lawsuits in accident cases. In cases involving long-term exposure, or illnesses that may not present themselves for many years. In these cases, plaintiffs have two years after the discovery of their injuries to file a claim. 

In the case of accidents that result in property damage, however, the plaintiff has up to six years to file their claim in New Jersey.   

How to Know When to File Your Claim

There is no single way to know when the best time is to file a claim. Taking fast action often results in good outcomes for the plaintiff, but by waiting to file a claim more injuries may become apparent, making the compensation more comprehensive. The best way to make an educated decision is to speak to a personal injury attorney about your options. 

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