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Who’s Responsible for My Sidewalk Injury?

0147714001617578140.jpgSidewalks are vital for almost every person every day in America. It’s role is being the solid ground below us. When that solid ground doesn’t provide the safety and stability we need, we can get seriously injured. But who can we turn to when our lives get turned upside down?

It’s easy not to consider who is responsible for the sidewalk, generally assuming its upkeep falls on the city and local government. This is not always the case. While most sidewalks are publicly accessible, not all are publicly owned. This means that you will have to determine who manages the sidewalk that failed you. This can range from local governments to shopping malls to private parks. Fortunately, with the help of a personal injury lawyer, you don’t need to do all the research yourself.

Sidewalks are designed to be the safest place to walk, meant to be level, secure, and well lit. The organization in charge of managing the sidewalk you were injured on is responsible for the regular upkeep of the path. This means making sure the sidewalk is cleared of obstacles or debris that might make it inaccessible for strollers and wheelchairs, as well as regularly checking for and fixing holes and uneven paving. The same goes for lighting, if the sidewalk is in a dark area or is open at night, and de-icing if the sidewalk is exposed to cold weather. 

Sidewalk accidents can range from minor fractures and bruising to catastrophic injuries. Even if your injuries were not severe it’s important that you hold the manager accountable for handling the present hazards. Just because you were not catastrophically hurt doesn’t mean the next person will fare as well. 

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