Birth Control Pills May Lead to Pregnancies

Recently, Pfizer recalled nearly one million packages of birth control pills, citing manufacturing concerns. The drugs, sold under the name Lo/Ovral-28 (along with the generic equivalent), were not in the proper order when they were released. This has led to speculation that Pfizer may be facing lawsuits due to the dangerous drugs that they have placed into the marketplace.

For birth control pills to be effective, a specific dose must be taken at the correct time. Failing to follow the instructions could result in pregnancy. Each package of the Lo/Ovral-28 prescription was supposed to contain 21 pills that prevent pregnancy and 7 placebo pills, which would be different colors. Pfizer was notified of the problem when a woman noticed that one of the placebos was mixed with her regular pills, which led to the recall.

Many couples rely upon birth control as an essential part of their family planning. If there are problems because of a manufacturer’s error, this could lead to unwanted pregnancies for women across the country. This will be a very stressful time for mothers-to-be who were not expecting to become pregnant, and may lead to legal action against the drug manufacturers.

A wrongful pregnancy claim is just one of the potential claims that could potentially be facing drug companies. In these cases, the woman using the birth control would sue the company that provided the pills because they did not prevent pregnancy. The damages would be based upon the cost of raising a child, which could be a substantial amount of money. Similar claims have been filed against pharmacists for prescription errors related to birth control, as well as against physicians for vasectomies that were not adequately performed.

These can be extremely complicated and emotional cases. This is an issue that will be very difficult to discuss because it is so private and personal. Knowing the options that are available can help when considering the decision that is best for you and your family.

Source: MyHealthNewsDaily, “Defective Birth Control Could Spur Big Lawsuits for Pfizer” Rachael Rettner, Feb. 1, 2012

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