Defective Automobiles Can Cause Serious Harm

Luxury automobile manufacturer Tesla Motors is facing some tough questions after one of its battery-powered Model S automobiles recently went up in flames. The Model S vehicles, which are battery-powered, have been well received by people in the luxury car market because of the vehicle’s environmentally friendly emissions and favorable safety ratings. The cause of the fire is under investigation, and it remains uncertain whether other Model S cars are at risk.

Defects in automobiles and their parts can occur in many ways, such as tires that shred or explode, vehicles that roll over in a crash, and automobile batteries that catch fire. A person injured by a defective automobile must prove that there was a defect in the automobile that created an unreasonable danger, that the injured person used the automobile as it was intended, and that the defect caused the person’s injuries.

Products liability cases involving vehicles are usually initiated because:

1. An automobile or one of its parts is manufactured defectively. Sometimes an error takes place in the manufacturing process that results in a dangerous product.

2. An automobile or a part is designed in a defective manner. Sometimes the vehicle or part is designed in a way that makes it dangerous, even though it was manufactured correctly.

3. A company fails to warn the purchaser or user of a dangerous condition present in the vehicle or part. The company has the duty to make consumers aware of such a condition and can be held liable if it doesn’t do so.

All of the companies involved in distributing the defective vehicle or its part can be held responsible. This includes the manufacturer of the vehicle, manufacturers of the vehicle’s parts, the dealership that sold the vehicle, a retailer who sold the defective part, shipping companies and intermediate-level distributors.

If a defective automobile product has injured you, consult with a trusted New Jersey auto accident attorney who can help you understand your rights and how to seek compensation for your injuries.

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