Nursing home aide near Bergen faces manslaughter charge

News about nursing home neglect and abuse is upsetting for many Bergen residents. The instance of neglect in a place that should foster the well-being of a patient is simply unacceptable.

Recently, the family of an elderly woman who died in a New York nursing home care center has broken its silence. The victim’s son expressed that they are remorseful and they do not want other people to go through the trauma that they have experienced.

A nursing aide was attending the 86-year-old mother at the time of the accident. The nursing home employee tried to lift the patient from a wheelchair, when she allegedly dropped the patient. Instead of seeking immediate help for the emergency, the nursing aide first looked for another employee who would agree to say that someone assisted her while lifting the patient, which the home’s policies required. The patient’s fall resulted in a broken spine, leg and nose. The nursing aide is now facing a manslaughter charge. Additionally, she is facing accusations for lying about the accident to cover it up.

In this case, the death of the patient could have been avoided if the nursing home staff followed safety protocol. Families usually make the difficult, and expensive, decision to bring their relatives to live in nursing homes to make sure that someone will look after them with the utmost care. An instance of nursing home injuries can lead to serious health issues because older people are often quite frail.

The grieving process is an extremely painful experience. The death of a loved one because of negligence is a ground for a wrongful death lawsuit. Knowledgeable attorneys can understand the situation, and they can help the survivors to cope with their loss. By filing a lawsuit, the family of the victim can recover the costs associated with their loss and the other financial inconveniences the accident has caused.

Source: WABC-TV New York, “Nursing home aide charged with manslaughter,” Marcus Solis, July 17, 2013

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