Party Bus Accident Underscores New Jersey Registration Requirements

Party buses have become one of the more popular ways to celebrate a special occasion. Whether it is an upcoming marriage, a birthday party or other event, many people rent these buses to drive them around town. Everyone is able to relax and enjoy the night without having to worry about transportation.

However, when a motor vehicle accident involving one of these buses occurs, it can cause serious injuries to those inside the vehicle. Often, passengers are not aware of any of the impending dangers. Many are not wearing seatbelts, which can cause them to be thrown around inside the vehicle.

There are other dangers in place as well that those passengers may not realize. The tragic accident involving a party bus on interstate 95 once again highlights the regulations in place that must be followed by operations of commercial vehicles.

This accident involved a group of teens out on their way to a birthday party. One of the teens popped open a roof hatch and stuck his head out. Unfortunately, the bus was traveling under an overpass, which resulted in the youth being killed.

The bus was found to be 13 feet, 9 inches tall. Any commercial vehicle operating in New Jersey that is over 13 feet, 6 inches tall or weighs more than 80,000 pounds must register with the New Jersey Department of Transportation before they are allowed to drive on state roads. There is no record of this bus having registered.

Officials are reminding those that board these buses to be aware of some of the dangers that may be present. Taking a few moments to learn about some of the safety features available could help prevent tragic accidents from happening.

Source: “N.J. officials have no record party bus operator had required permit to exceed highway height limits” Karen Sudol & Karen Rouse

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