Recent truck accident causes fatalities and injuries

Collisions with big commercial trucks often have fatal consequences for everyone involved. Those in the smaller vehicle often end up with serious, even life-threatening injuries. In many cases, these accidents can result in the death of a loved one. In addition, the drivers involved can face serious charges if negligence is found to be the reason behind the accident.

Trucking regulations require truckers and their companies to undergo regular training and seminars aimed at informing drivers about recent changes in relevant laws as well as teaching proper techniques on how to drive cautiously. Truckers are known to drive for long hours and fatigue tends to creep in. Tired drivers are more likely to make bad decisions on the road. Driver fatigue may be one of several possible causes that police are investigating in a recent truck accident in nearby Mercer County.

About an hour south of Bergen, in Lawrence Township, a trucker was cited by authorities for causing a recent weekend truck crash that resulted in the deaths of three and injuries to two members of a family travelling in their sport utility vehicle. Two boys, aged 9 and 5 months old, as well as a woman in her 30s are reportedly dead. The male driver of the SUV and a girl suffered injuries but are now in stable condition.

According to investigators, the tractor trailer was making an illegal U-turn when it collided with the SUV. Emergency crews had to use hydraulic equipment to rescue at least one of the victims. The 45-year-old trucker was charged with Death by Auto in connection with this accident.

Truck accidents are often caused by trucker negligence and recklessness. It is difficult to take these situations lightly because they so often are easily avoidable. Sadly, this wreck resulted in the deaths of three young children and a young mother.

Those who are the victims of truck accidents may not be able to bring things back to how they were before the accident, but they may be able to get a little measure of justice for their grief and loss. A personal injury attorney in Bergen can provide answers to important questions as well as assist in claiming financial compensation.

Source: CBS New York, “Brooklyn Truck Driver Charged In Fatal Lawrence, N.J. Crash,” Aug. 3, 2013

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