Study Shows Seniors Most Vulnerable Victims in Pedestrian Accidents


A recent study conducted by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) reveals that senior citizens are particularly vulnerable while crossing the street. In response, the city has proposed plans to try to protect the elderly from becoming traffic statistics. The study illustrates a problem that is present in cities across the nation, including New Jersey.

The NYCDOT study found that although seniors account for only 15 percent of the city’s population (albeit a growing percentage), they make up more than 45 percent of annual pedestrian fatalities. Elderly walkers are no more likely to be struck by a vehicle than younger pedestrians, but their injuries tend to be so much more severe.

To address this problem, the NYCDOT has begun installing turn-calming treatments at intersections with the highest rates of senior pedestrian fatalities. Turn calming means changing the angle at which vehicles can turn at the intersection so as to increase the visibility of pedestrians or reduce their exposure to the turning drivers. In addition, rubber speed bumps and plastic posts will be installed on intersection corners and/or between traffic lanes.

The dangers faced by elderly pedestrians at intersections are not unique to New York. In most cities, including those in New Jersey, efforts to improve street safety for pedestrians and bikers have only just begun. Moreover, even at intersections with turn-calming treatments installed, pedestrians need to be vigilant, because they may still encounter careless drivers who fail to exercise due caution.

If you are an elderly pedestrian who is injured by a negligent driver, or one of your loved ones is a senior pedestrian who is killed by a negligent driver, a pedestrian accident attorney can sue the driver and anyone else responsible for the accident, to recover damages for your injuries, including medical or funeral bills, lost income and lost earning capacity, and your pain and suffering.

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