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Even with the popularity of rideshare services, many people still use traditional taxis and limousines. Taxis provide convenience and limos offer luxury. There’s also peace of mind in knowing your driver has been vetted and is specially licensed. Yet, taxi and limo accidents still occur, and the injuries riders suffer can be catastrophic. If you were injured as a passenger in such an accident, Seigel Law is prepared to help. Since 1976, we have represented injured passengers in Northern New Jersey, specifically in the Bergen, Passaic, Essex and Hudson County areas. We can provide the professional representation you need to recover the compensation you deserve.

Common causes of taxi and limousine accidents

Determining the cause of your accident is a critical step in proving your claim for compensation. The most common causes of taxi and limousine accidents are:

  • Driver error — Despite the requirements to become a taxi or limousine driver, these operators are not perfect and suffer from many of the same deficiencies as other drivers. Aggressiveness, fatigue and distraction are some of the factors that cause poor judgment and dangerous maneuvers.
  • Poor vehicle condition — Because taxis and limos are used so often, they suffer from wear and tear. They often are kept in service without getting full and proper maintenance.
  • Other drivers’ negligence — Just because the taxi or limo is involved in the crash doesn’t mean they are at fault. A negligent act by another driver could have been the principal cause.

In all motor vehicle accident cases, we thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the crash to ascertain the cause and identify the at-fault party.

Steps you should take immediately after a taxi or limo accident

A taxi or limo accident can be frightening, because you have even less control over events than if your own car had been struck. Yet, you still should take these important steps:

  • Insist the vehicle stop — It’s illegal to leave the scene of an accident. Most operators will obey the law, but your driver might panic or even deny an accident has occurred.
  • Render reasonable first aid — The law requires that you help injured victims to the extent you are able.
  • Call 911 — Contact police and EMTs. Ask the police how you can obtain an accident report.
  • Get driver contact information — If another driver is involved, make sure you get the name, license number and insurance information.
  • Get witness information — Collect contact information from potential witnesses.
  • Take photos — Record images and video with your cellphone, documenting the accident scene, vehicle damage and injuries.
  • Get medical treatment — Even if you are not sure you’re badly hurt, you should get yourself checked out at the closest ER.

Finally, you should immediately contact a qualified auto accident attorney.

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