Mental Institution Sexual Abuse

Mental health institutions are run with the purpose of taking care of loved ones who we are unable to take care of ourselves. They are meant to protect those who might be a danger to themselves. This is why it’s so devastating when the institutions betray our trust by harming their patients.

When mental institutions allow sexual abuse to happen to the patients under their care, Seigel Law is here to hold them accountable. No one should live in fear that their vulnerable family member is being taken advantage of.

Recognizing Abuse

Not everyone is able to openly disclose their abuse, whether it’s due to an inability to communicate properly or because they are under threat of violence. The onus often falls upon their loved ones to see the signs and take action. If you recognize one or more of the following signs, it is important you take action to protect your loved one.

Signs of abuse include:

  • Unusual bruising or injuries
  • Pressure marks
  • Resistance to discussing personal matter
  • Increased depression/anxiety
  • Decreased social activity

Actions to Take After Recognizing the Signs

The best way to proceed is to discuss the matter with your loved one. Calmly confront them in a safe and private space. Make sure they know you are there to protect and support them. If they do confirm that they are being abused, you can remove them from the facility or confront the facility’s management to ensure that they are properly taken care of.

If your loved one is unable to confirm the abuse they are experiencing, you may have to find a way to confirm it. This can be difficult, which is why we would recommend seeing a lawyer to discuss your situation. An experienced attorney will be able to advise you on the proper steps to take.

Damages Available in Mental Institution Sexual Abuse Cases

Sexual abuse causes serious damage, both physically and emotionally to the abused party and their loved ones. For the individuals who have been abused, claimable damages include medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any emotional rehabilitation costs associated with the trauma of the abuse. While no amount of money can make the full impacts of the abuse disappear, the compensation due is designed to help ease the victims back to a sense of normalcy.

Sometimes, normalcy is impossible to recover. This is one of the reasons why victims of sexual abuse are more likely to commit suicide or die prematurely. If this happens, the loved ones of the victim can claim wrongful death. This will cover any medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, and emotional pain and suffering. The full amount that can be compensated may vary depending on the situation.

A Firm That Will Hold Those Responsible Accountable

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a case of mental institution sexual abuse, whether from a staff member or fellow patient, Seigel Law is here to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contactus today at our Ridgewood, NJ office to schedule your free consultation and discuss your options. Our lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t have to pay any legal fees until you get your compensation.