Prison Sexual Abuse

America’s prison system is notorious for its prevalence of sexual abuse from both inmates and authorities, making it incredibly important to hold the system accountable. When an inmate is in the prison system, it is the responsibility of the institution to protect them. Failing to do so is a violation of the inmate’s basic human rights, and the prison needs to be shown that they can’t get away with treating those in their care as less than human. Seigel Law Firm is proud to stand up for those abused in the prison system.

The Institution is the Abuser

As a personal injury firm, our goal is to provide you with the compensation you deserve as well as the peace of mind that the party that wronged you has recognized that they have wronged you. For these purposes, it is best to recognize the prison as the abuser.

Where individuals rarely have much influence on the way the prison is run and often don’t have enough funds to cover the damages you are owed, the prison management does. When they are forced to recognize the liabilities they have failed to address, they can begin to fix their own systems. They are also more likely to be able to afford to pay the compensation you deserve. While criminal charges have the goal of punishing the individual who committed the action, personal injury cases work to tackle the overarching failures of the systems that allowed the abuse to happen. Whether the abuser is a fellow inmate or a member of the prison staff, it was a result of the ineffective management of the prison.

Damages Available in Prison Sexual Abuse Cases

Damages can be provided to either survivors or the loved ones of victims, depending on the situation. Survivors can receive compensation for their physical and emotional impacts from the abuse. These can be medical expenses and compensation for any pain and suffering resulting from the incident.

If the abuse resulted in the victim’s death, whether due to medical complications or suicide, their loved ones can file for wrongful death damages. This is calculated based on the victim’s age, dependents, and potential future income, and will cover medical costs as well as funeral and burial expenses. While a paycheck can never replace the loved one you lost, it can help you maintain financial stability.

Recover Damages After Prison Sexual Abuse

Rebuilding your life after an abuse can feel impossible, especially in a system as flawed as US prisons. Seigel Law is here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers understand the ins and outs of sexual abuse liability laws and are proud to help you receive the compensation you owe, and you won’t have to pay a single legal fee unless we successfully win your case. Contact our Ridgewood, NJ office today for your free consultation. We will help you understand your options and help you decide how to proceed.