Failure of Self-Driving Car to Recognize Stop Signs Raises Accident Fears


As technology expands and improves our capabilities, it is important to remember that seemingly helpful tools might not work as intended. This is particularly important as self-driving cars become more popular. Once a futuristic dream for commuters stuck in traffic, these vehicles offer a brand new experience to owners, but they and drivers who share the road with these vehicles must remain vigilant. A recent recall highlights the potentially dangerous drawbacks associated with self-driving vehicles.

Tesla has recently come under fire for a dangerous flaw with its self-driving cars. A key player in car automation, the company has recalled more 50,000 of its self-driving vehicles because of a hazardous programming error. The software in the automated cars included a feature that allowed the cars to drive through stop signs without fully stopping. Rolling through stop signs is not just illegal, but very dangerous to the people within the car, as well as pedestrians and other drivers.

Although Tesla has stated it only needs to do a software update to remedy the faulty self-driving cars, it is still concerning that the cars were designed to be able to ignore stop signs. If automated vehicles can run stop signs, individuals who rely on the technology might not be able to brake in time. A person crossing the street will not be aware that a car approaching a stop sign is automated and will expect the vehicle to come to a complete stop.           

Even though there were no reported injuries due to the stop sign setting on Tesla’s self-driving cars, the auto industry, government authorities and consumer should be aware of the risk that is involved when we turn control over to a machine. More self-driving cars on the road might result in greater chances for harmful malfunctions. 

Whether the vehicle you’re driving is a modern technological marvel or a true classic, there is always a risk of an auto accident when you’re on the road. If you have been injured in a car crash, there are legal measures available to you to seek compensation. A seasoned car accident lawyer can analyze the unique facts of your case to determine what remedies are available.  

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