New Jersey’s 5 Most Googled Injuries and Their Usual Causes

Every day people are injured due to traffic accidents, work accidents, slips and falls and even mishaps in leisure activities. These ailments can produce symptoms that run the gamut from mere discomfort to severe pain and impeded mobility. Unfortunately, people often choose to look for home remedies rather than seek out medical care that could help them achieve real recovery.

Google, by far the most popular online search engine, shows that these five types of injuries are the ones for which New Jerseyans most often seek information online:

  • Concussions — This is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) resulting from a blow to the head. It can result from traffic accidents, slips and falls, contact sports and physical altercations. Unless given proper medical intervention, a concussion can be health-threatening and possibly even fatal. Anyone who has suffered blunt force trauma to the head should seek immediate care.
  • Muscle strains — Over-stretching or excessive physical activity can damage muscles and tendons. Hard physical labor, repeatedly lifting of heavy weight and strenuous sporting activity are common causes. Strains can be painful and last for days or more. Moreover, a muscle strain can be an indicator of an underlying serious injury,
  • Bursitis — This condition is caused by a swelling of a joint, such as the shoulder, elbow or knee. The most common cause of inflammation is overexertion, usually from work or sports. An infection can cause bursitis as well. There are a variety of treatments available, ranging from physical therapy to surgery.
  • Shin splints — Over-exertion in walking, running and other activities can cause this injury to the front of the shin bone. Shin splints can be very painful and can be worsened by continued impact. The condition is usually treated with rest and applying heat and ice to the injured area.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome — This ailment is caused by compression of the median nerve in the hand. There are many causes and risk factors for carpal tunnel, such as a wrist injury or chronic arthritis. A major contributing factor in the modern era is the extensive use of a computer keyboard and mouse while working. Symptoms of carpal tunnel include numbness, pain and loss of dexterity in the wrist and hand.

Sometimes these injuries can be debilitating, or what starts out as minor aches and pains may lead to complications and more significant medical problems. People experiencing these symptoms should seek appropriate medical care to prevent further damage.

In many cases, another party may be responsible for some or all of the financial losses resulting from these injuries or others. An experienced personal injury lawyer can evaluate whether there is a potential legal claim.

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