NJ Bill Would Condition Teen Drivers’ Licenses on Completing Hours of Supervised Training

Teenaged drivers are involved in a high number of auto accidents in New Jersey, which experts attribute to lack of experience and training. New Jersey is one of only three states that allow teens to get a driver’s license without supervised practice hours behind the wheel. A bill pending in the state Senate would change this, requiring learners’ permit holders under age 21 to complete 50 hours of supervised driving as a condition for receiving a license.

Inexperienced drivers behind the wheel can be hazards to other motorists. Teen drivers are more prone to drive distracted and do not have experience driving in adverse conditions such as rain, slick roads, traffic or nighttime. Accidents involving teen drivers frequently occur on weekends and at night and are often the result of speeding or driving recklessly, sometimes under the influence or alcohol or drugs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) believes that requiring teen drivers to participate in 50 hours of practice hours will alleviate some of these dangers.

The pending bill, which has been approved by the Senate Transportation Committee, provides that at least 10 of the minimum 50 hours of practice driving are to be completed during hours of darkness. The permit holder’s parent, guardian or other supervising driver must certify that the required number of practice driving hours were completed. Any permit holder who submits a fraudulent certification would be subject to suspension of driving privileges.

If you are seriously hurt in an automobile accident in New Jersey, you may need to prove the other driver was at fault in order to obtain sufficient financial compensation. If a teenaged driver was involved, it is likely that their inexperience was a contributing factor. A skilled personal injury attorney will know how to obtain necessary evidence to support your claim, such as police reports, cell phone records, toxicology reports and witnesses’ statements. An attorney can also assemble medical records and testimony to prove the extent of injuries you’ve sustained. There are often many moving parts to a car accident case with multiple parties involved, which is why you need an experienced attorney.

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