Seniors Are at Increased Risk of Injury in Wintertime

Winter slips and falls account for a large majority of injuries that older individuals suffer. Older adults are generally at a higher risk of falling due to their physical conditions. Winter weather conditions increase that risk. Even if a senior is extremely careful and pays close attention to their surroundings, one wrong step can cause serious injury and resulting persistent pain.

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, such as at home, while shopping or when carrying on social activities. Seniors can be more prone to winter falls due to decreased balance, weaker bones, side effects from medication and underlying health conditions. Moreover, the injuries suffered by a senior can be more extreme.

While an elder person’s state of health might contribute to the danger of a slip and fall, the risk is enhanced by winter hazards such as icy sidewalks, wet or frozen pavement, uneven surfaces and puddles and other water build-up inside or outside a building. Many of these conditions can be prevented through the diligence of the property owner. Residential and commercial owners are required to keep their sidewalks, steps and other passageways free of dangerous ice, snow and slush. In addition, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets and other businesses open to the public are required to keep their floors clear of any obstacles or liquids that may cause a slip and fall.

Injuries such as rolled ankles, back injuries and even broken bones are common for seniors who suffer a slip and fall incident. An injured person may have legal recourse to file a claim against the property owner or manager for negligence. Determining liability in a slip and fall case can be difficult, especially when there are multiple parties involved. An experienced slip-and-fall attorney knows how to gather the evidence needed to build the strongest case possible. There are often several factors that contribute to a slip and fall injury. A seasoned attorney can help you locate eyewitnesses, pictures, videos and other evidence that may be available. If an elderly loved one has been injured in such an accident, consulting with an attorney as soon as possible is the best way to work towards obtaining the financial compensation they need.

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