Six Flags “El Toro” Accidents Show Danger is Always Lurking at Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are great places to let loose and get thrills from roller coasters, water slides and other rides. While amusement parks may look and feel safe on the outside, there are ever-present dangers to both riders and workers. Accidents can result from poor maintenance of the rides, mechanical imperfections, design flaws and negligence of ride operators and other park staff. One small deviation from safety protocols can cause disastrous injures.

Roller coaster accidents at Six Flags in New Jersey that injured multiple riders illustrate the potential hazards that lie in wait for park patrons. The most recent incident involved the El Toro wooden coaster, which has a scaffolding more than 180 feet high and a 4,400-foot track that includes several rises and falls and banked turns. It is one of the fastest roller coasters around, reaching downhill speeds up to 70 mph. A partial derailment on August 25, 2022 caused riders to suffer neck injuries, back injuries and mouth and tongue injuries, according to a news report.

That accident was not the first in which El Toro caused harm to riders. There were nine incidents reported from 2018 until June 2021, when the ride was shut down for a few months due to a partial derailment. El Toro is not the only amusement park ride that has caused injuries in New Jersey in recent years. There have been multiple reports of park visitors being injured on roller coasters, rides and water slides. These injuries usually required emergency treatment and subsequent medical care.

If you or family members were hurt in an amusement park accident, establishing liability can be a complex undertaking. Park owners and operators, along with vendors and other contractors, might share in liability for failure to keep the premises and various attractions safe for patrons. Manufacturers and providers of rides and other equipment used at amusement parks also can be liable. An experienced recreational accidents lawyer knows how to establish the negligence or other fault of the other party or parties that contributed to your accident and can help you seek the maximum amount of monetary damages possible.

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