There Are No Dumb Questions.

At Seigel Law, we run our legal practice on a few important principles, and one of them is that there are no dumb questions. Firm founder Jan Seigel emphasizes this with each of his clients so that they feel comfortable asking him questions. His job, as an attorney, is to explain his clients’ options and how they will play out in the legal process. But as a medical malpractice lawyer who frequently meets with clients who have experienced profound medical tragedies, he also wants his clients to feel comfortable to question the medical professionals that they meet, especially if their medical concerns have been minimized.

Seigel encourages his clients and anyone seeking out medical advice to question medical authority when necessary. Obviously, patients seek out a medical opinion when they do not know what is wrong. But doctors, nurse practitioners and physicians  misdiagnose conditions every day. Oncologists may skip a test that screens for cancer. A pediatrician may minimize a mother’s concerns about her child’s fever or persistent crying. An emergency room physician may miss critical signs of a stroke or heart attack.

If a symptom or condition persists, or you receive a diagnosis that is of a serious nature, seek a second opinion. It never hurts to confirm a diagnosis or follow up on a concerning symptom. Some patients (and clients) worry about appearing foolish by asking questions. But when you are worried about a health concern, it is your doctor’s job to diagnose the condition and explain his or her reasons for the diagnosis. You have the right to ask for more information if you don’t understand or if you believe the doctor might not have a complete picture of your medical history or complaint.

At Seigel Law, we encourage your questions. Our attorneys are ready and willing to speak with you about your personal injury or medical malpractice claim, or for any other claim that you may have. Please contact our Ridgewood offices for more information or learn more at our website.

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