When Temperatures Rise, Accidents Often Abound

Warm weather and abundant recreational opportunities make New Jersey a great place to spend the summer. However, the summer season can also be a time of increased accidents and resulting injuries. Not that these accidents are due to higher temperatures. Rather, it’s that people spend more time outdoors and engage in a wider variety of activities, which can make for a higher incidence of mishaps.

Here are the most common types of summertime accidents in New Jersey:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — New Jersey is a densely populated state and there is a very high rate of car ownership among its citizens. Summer visitors put even more strain on congested roads in many areas of the state, especially the shore and lake regions. The sheer volume of traffic increases the chances of an accident. Also, school being closed means that more young drivers are out and about. Exposure to less experienced drivers can also translate into more accidents.
  • Non-motorized vehicle accidents — Bicycles, skateboards and human-powered scooters are in abundance on local roads and sidewalks. People using these forms of transportation can become involved in collisions with motor vehicles, other human powered vehicles and pedestrians. Despite New Jersey having strict regulations concerning these alternative forms of transportation, far too many people are injured in these accidents.
  • Water recreational activity — Slip-and-fall accidents around pools and water parks are a common source of injury during the summer. Diving injuries are less common but can be quite severe. People out on the beach are subject to various hazards such as sunstroke, jellyfish stings, and cuts or contusions from being knocked down in heavy surf. Many people are out on their boats. Surface vessel collisions are infrequent, but boaters need to be careful of water traffic. Drowning is always a concern around water, especially among underage swimmers.
  • Sports-related activity — Broken bones, fractures, concussions, contusions are fairly common among those playing baseball and other warm weather sports. Runners, tennis players and others involved in strenuous physical activities can easily suffer from heat-related illness or injury, such as heat exhaustion, dehydration and severe sunburn.
  • Other recreational activity — Amusement parks, playgrounds and other outdoor facilities can be venues for injuries. Children get hurt on playgrounds and at water parks due to defective or misused equipment. Privately owned trampolines can also be hazardous, as a fall from the apparatus can cause traumatic brain injury and other serious harm.

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